23 Oct 13

Mobility: performed after a substantial warm up.

Glute smash with lacrosse ball X 3:00 per side.  If the lax ball is too intense use a tennis ball or even the foam roller if necessary.  Do a test/retest by checking your Yoga Squat position before doing the smash and then compare to how it looks/feels after smashing.


Every other minute X 7 rounds total:

  • Clean 5 X 2 @ 80% of 1RM.  Rest 2:00 between efforts.  This should be a full Squat Clean for experienced lifters.  Intermediates may perform a Power Clean + Front Squat at a moderate load.  Beginners may perform a Hang Power Clean + Front Squat at lighter loads with a focus on form and technique and little regard for load.
  • Rest remainder of time.

3 rounds, not for time of:

  • Turkish Get Up, just to the High Bridge position X 5 @ 53#/35#
  • Y’s, T’s, L’s X 5 @ 5#/2.5#
  • Shoulder Pass Through w/ PVC X 10 each direction

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