24 Oct 13

Hero WOD – “Walsh”

Four rounds for time of:

  • Burpee Pull Up X 22
  • Back Squat X 22 @ 185#/135#
  • Run w/ plate overhead X 200 meters @ 45#/25#

I’m imposing a 40:00 time cap for this WOD.  See scaling notes below.

From the the CrossFit main site (www.crossfit.com):

“U.S. Army First Lieutenant Jonathan P. Walsh, 28, of Cobb, Georgia, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 504th Infantry, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, died on April 22, 2012, in Paktia, Afghanistan, when enemy forces attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device. He is survived by his wife Debbra, son Austin, parents Carolyn and Paul, and brother Christopher.”

For some inspiration and additional instruction on how to perform this Hero WOD, click .  Pay special attention to a few points:

  • How Dan Baily explains holding plate overhead for a safe position.
  • How he never let’s his weight plate hit the deck during the run.
  • How people scale the workout.

This is a MASSIVE WOD, as are all Hero WOD’s, and we should take it serious and with respect.

Now, let’s talk scaling.  Along with the above points consider:

  • Virtually EVERYONE will be scaling the weight, so be smart and scale appropriately.
  • On the Back Squat, consider scaling to 135#/95#, beginners should go even lighter.
  • Scale the load on the Overhead Run to 25#/10# (since we don’t have 15# plates).
  • If you can’t maintain the overhead position during the run, scale the weight or hold it at your chest.
  • If you have ANY shoulder issues, low back issues, or knee issues, do not do the run with the weight overhead.  For some, you may need to eliminate it completely.  Be smart!
  • Newer athletes should scale the weight, big time, and do 3 rounds instead of all 4.
  • As you will see in the video instead of doing Burpee Pull Ups using a band, do Jumping Pull Ups off of a box.

There is a 40 minute time cap on this WOD, so scale appropriately in order to finish.

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