25 Oct 13

Choose your poison.  Be smart.  Train if you need to train.  Mobilize if you need to mobilize.  And, as always… if you are not sure – ask your coach, that’s why we are here.

Options… options are good…

  1. Do the hero WOD “Walsh” from yesterday if you missed.
  2. Do a WOD from earlier this week that you missed.
  3. Work on your Olympic lifts – Snatch, Clean & Jerk.
  4. Work on strength – Deadlift, Squat, Press, etc.
  5. Work on skills – handstands, pistols, ring dips, muscle ups
  6. Work on weaknesses – or as I like to say, “Practice the things you suck at!”
  7. Mobilize – you can NEVER mobilize enough!
  8. As your coach!


Remember, you can still join us on Saturday for Barbells for Boobs, let me know if you have questions!

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